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Explore the history of the “Riviera of the Alps” through its architectural culture, its Roman past, and its gastronomy, demonstrating its global excellence. It will delight you. And when you are full, all that remains is for you to dip into the modernity of the entertainment, the nature, and wellbeing.
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Discover Saint Vincent


Discover the “Riviera of the Alps”!
A holiday in Saint-Vincent and Chatillon is certainly relaxing, surrounded by breathtaking vistas that blend with the art and distinctive architecture of the mountain villages.


and holiday packages


Skiing in the best ski resorts in the Valle d'Aosta with a single ski pass.

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Our offers are aimed at the demanding, international, travel-loving guest. Our region will astound you with its attractions and ever new reasons for a mountain holiday in the Valdostan Alps, aimed at every type of need. From Ski Safaris for the adrenalin of skiing in the magnificent Valle d’Aosta, to the thermal spa to spoil yourself and recharge your batteries, to discovering the region with its cultural itineraries and gastronomy of Valle d’Aosta.

01. The Col de Joux Ski Area

Col de Joux Skiarea

The Col de Joux ski area is ideal for family skiing on the Alps!
The winter area of Col de Joux (1640 m.a.s.l.) is situated on an genuine panoramic terrace between Valle di Ayas and Valle Centrale, 15 km from Saint-Vincent. There are 8 km of slopes available to skiers of all abilities, covered with artificial snow, and with a pool of ski lift systems, including a two-seater chairlift, a ski tow and three treadmills for starting to move on the first curves”. The ski resort also has space set aside for the smallest skiers with the Snow Playpark, a equipped space suitable for the kids to enjoy.

SERVICES OPEN in the Col de Joux ski area:

  • Col de Joux Snowpark: consisting of play areas with inflatables and carousels, three treadmills, two of which serve the bobsleigh and sleds and one for the baby ski slope, for beginners.
  • Ski-lift and chairlift systems: Open slopes: no.1 and no. 2
  • The Col de Joux ski area is open from December until the end of March (snow conditions permitting).

The Col de Joux Ski Area

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Events and appointments in the heart of Valle d’Aosta not to be missed. Where?
Across Saint-Vincent, Chatillon and the whole Riviera of the Alps region!
Excitement goes hand in hand with the discovery of endless pleasure. Entertainment, art, music, shows. Plan your itinerary. Let’s work together to help you fall in love with our charm for the first time (or all over again). The Belle Epoque continues!

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