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Roman remains, medieval castles, churches and sanctuaries, museums...

Valle d’Aosta is an area rich in culture, art and traditions. 
IThere are many impressive Roman remains: the Consular Road to Gaul, the aqueduct bridge of Pont-d’Ael and the city of Aosta, whose original Roman urban layout is still evident today in its principal lines, city wall and in its most important buildings: the Arch of Augustus, the Praetorian Gate, the Roman Forum and the semi-underground gallery, supported by its imposing arches, the wonderful Roman Theatre, the Porta Decumana. The medieval period is also very evident in Valle d’Aosta, as it was the only way to reach the Alpine passes, with numerous castles, towers and fortified houses bearing witness to this. The castles of Sarre, Sarriod del la Tour, Fénis and Ussel are definite must-sees during a holiday in Valle d’Aosta...

The Romanesque-style church of Saint-Vincent is one of Valle d’Aosta’s most important monuments of sacred art due to its excellent state of preservation and the presence of many highly valuable historical and cultural relics. The church is dedicated to Saint Vincent, inside you can admire the painting cycles of various periods, in addition to the Museum of Sacred Art that has collected the decorations originating from the various chapels of the parish, wooden statues, reliquaries, chalices, processional crosses and silk embroidered vestments dating back to 1553. Of particular historical/artistic interest is an enthroned Madonna with Child; a brass basin of the German school used in Moron to offer the sacramental bread; a deposition; a triptych depicting the statue of Bishop San Grato and a beautiful life-sized statue of San Maurizio, also from the German school.

The unique Valle d’Aosta Museum of Mineralogy in Saint-Vincent has the principal purposes of collecting, classifying and making the minerals of Valle d’Aosta known; it also houses numerous crystals and semi-precious stones from around the globe.

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