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Why is Saint-Vincent known as the “Riviera of the Alps”?

Because we have been blessed!
Among the various tourist locations in Valle d’Aosta, Saint-Vincent has a particularly mild climate, sheltered by Mount Zerbion from the northerly winds, this charming little village is nestled in a charming, sun-kissed valley.

Why is Saint-Vincent the ideal destination for a holiday in the mountains?

Saint-Vincent offers its guests traditional mountain surroundings, without the stress and crowds of other Alpine skiing destinations. The area offers ideal hotels and services for a family holiday in the mountains in a strategic position in Valle d’Aosta, surrounded by the most beautiful mountains with unique, breathtaking views in both summer and winter.

Why are Saint-Vincent’s hot springs so renowned?

The Saint-Vincent hot springs are perfect for those who want relaxation and rejuvenation through inhalation therapy, but also massages and mud baths for those precious moments and pure relaxation, taking the opportunity of a few days of attention to their body and personal wellbeing.
Since the 19th century, it has been the preferred destination of aristocracy from all over Europe to enjoy the healing effects of the water, excellent for the skin and with curative properties for the stomach, liver and intestines.

And what if I can’t ski? And if walking in the mountains is a struggle?

People come to Saint-Vincent to relax, but also to immerse themselves in historic and evocative settings that have left their traces everywhere. Indeed, taking a wonderful walk through our old town, one can visit Saint Vincent’s church, a beautiful, perfectly preserved example of the Romanesque style, it represents one of the most significant monuments in Valle d’Aosta, with relics of high historic and cultural value, such as the wooden statues and the 15th century frescoes. Walking through the Saint-Vincent’s old town is an amazing feeling, the central square has many gardens filled with flowers and fountains with water features, the food in each of the restaurants and pizzerias is excellent and there is an embarrassment of choices when it comes to where to eat; time will fly while as you take a pleasant wander around the town’s shops.


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