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Oniros Film Awards

The ‘Oniros Film Awards’ on 24 August are bringing the red carpet back to the Cinema in Saint-Vincent and a Gala Evening to the Palais Saint-Vincent.

Following the success of the first edition of the Oniros Film Awards, the awards, recognised by IMDB (internet movie database), the spotlight will return to light up the second edition with new guests and many innovations, in the exceptional setting of the Palais Saint-Vincent, in collaboration with the Municipality of Saint-Vincent.

“We are honoured to bring a cinematic event back to the Riviera of the Alps - explains Fabio Cento, the events co-founder - an undisputed destination and historic symbol of the seventh art par excellence in Valle d’Aosta. The Oniros Film Awards, from the Greek word Oneiros (to dream), is a cinematic festival inspired by the American model, conceived by Fabio Cento and Charles E. Pellissier to celebrate and award all aspects of quality independent cinema. In line with the Oniros Film Awards’ philosophy of supporting the dreamers and creators of original content, this years innovation will be the first “Oniros Talent Show”.

This will be a competition within the competition, open to musicians, singers, actors, dancers and illusionists from the local area and beyond, who will have the opportunity to perform live on the prestigious stage and be judged by a jury of international filmmakers and by the Jury of Honour. “The shows will alternate with the nominations of the films entered into competition in the Festival - co-founder Charles Pellissier explains - and as well as adding value to the event with a “live” competition, will give an opportunity to emerging artists to perform in front of an international audience”. (Entry to the talent show is free, nominations accompanied by a video and contact details can be sent to info@onirosfilmawards.com, only the selected candidates will be contacted by the organisation.)

The event, open to the public, will include the showing of a selection of films entered into competition and the red carpet gala event. The awards ceremony will be conducted in Italian and English by two outstanding Italian American actors, Michael Segal and Alice Lussiana Parente. Among the members of the honorary jury, the names of celebrated Italian actor Roberto Accornero (Nonhosonno, Camera Café, Rocco Schiavone) and Mauro Serio, noted actor and TV host (Solletico, Giochi Senza Frontiere, Io sono Mia) stand out.

Contact us for further information:

Press office: Oniros Film Awards
Via Martiri della Libertà, 4 - 11027 Saint-Vincent (AO)
info@onirosfilmawards.com - www.onirosfilmawards.com

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