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Our Lady of Zerbion

Our Lady of the Zerbion is famous votive construction, one of the most famous in the Saint-Vincent and Chatillon region. Situated on the mountain of the same name at an altitude of 2272 m.a.s.l., it dominates Valley and its towns. The statue is definitely one of the region’s attractions that is worthy of an excursion. Seven metres tall with an arm span of 280 cm, it is an opposing work at the base of which there is an altar for celebrating Mass.

The history of its installation concerns the historical memory of the region: midway through the 1920s, Saint-Vincent’s “Pro statue à la Vierge sur le Zerbion” committee promoted the initiative, which became a reality at the start of the thirties. It was transported to the summit by mule in all of its constituent parts and consecrated on 10 September 1932.

A date of great significance and feeling for all of the communities involved is the Festa of Our Lady of Zerbion on 29 July. The inhabitants of Saint-Vincent, Chatillon, La Magdeleine, Brusson and Ayas climb to the summit of the Zerbion, each from their own side, to celebrate Mass.

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