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In Saint-Vincent it is possible to discover the countryside and its most beautiful trails in Valle d’Aosta. “Cavallo e Natura” organise equestrian activities such as horse riding, horse riding lessons for beginners, or pony trekking. All activities are outdoors, surrounded by the forests and the landscape of Valle d’Aosta in search of ancient mule tracks, villages, castles... concentrating particularly on equestrian tourism as the best way to promote our region in a sustainable way in search of nature, history, culture and gastronomy. The itineraries available are suitable for all levels and prepared to the smallest detail to ensure maximum usability and fun without neglecting safety. There are so many good reason to go horse riding, a journey that values the slow rhythm of life and creates the ideal circumstances for experience the thrill that is borne from the bond with these magnificent animals.
Through the collaboration with “Cavallo e Natura” in Saint-Vincent, we offer adventure and relaxation in the saddle as a way to discover Valle d’Aosta’s countryside and breathtaking landscapes.

  • Approaches, lessons, excursions and pony trekking;
  • Equestrian tourism and country riding with overnight excursions, with accommodation on campsites or in agriturismos;
  • Local produce tastings on horse riding tours.

ROUTE: Our hill

A horse track that will let you discover our historic “hill” of Saint-Vincent, between the Dora (430m) and the Col di Joux (1640m). All round the regional capital, the steeped moraine land is supported by terraced vineyards. Just above, chestnut, pine and oak forests conceal artistic monuments and hot springs. In the villages, elements of the Alpine community still stand out among the wooden rascards and stone houses. From one village to the next, the ancient paved routes cross large sunny meadows, rocky shoreline and small, cool valleys.

ROUTE: Visit to USSEL Castle

A horse ride in search of Ussel Castle, built in the middle of the 15th century by the Challants, a beautiful structure which played a predominantly defensive role; its walls, double-arched windows, protruding towers and the row of blind arches, where many shows and events are frequently held, are remarkable. Built into the living rock, Ussel Castle in Chatillon is Valle d’Aosta’s first monoblock castle. Therefore, it marks a turning point in the history of the region’s feudal military architecture, and is well-deserving of a trip on horseback.

ROUTE: Rue de la Plaine

The “Rue de la Plaine” can also be taken on horseback. The horse track winds across the historic Rue de la Plaine from Les Moulins in Saint-Vincent to La Verdettaz in Chatillon, the channel which, since 1325, has been used to irrigate the pastures and meadows of Saint-Vincent and Chatillon. An easy trail which can be taken on horseback on a holiday in Valle d’Aosta, in the pursuit of the countryside.


Through the collaboration with “Cavallo e Natura” in Saint-Vincent, we offer adventure and relaxation in the saddle to discover Valle d’Aosta’s countryside and breathtaking landscapes, contact the association directly for more information about our horse riding excursions for discovering more about the Saint-Vincent region, or to request the horse riding excursion that meets your ability and your needs.

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