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Saint-Vincent Hot Springs: THE SPA

The Saint-Vincent thermal spa, or wellbeing in its purest form, inhaling Valle d’Aosta’s Alpine breeze. The complex’s goal is to be both curative and a thermal spa that offers the best to everyone. The Saint-Vincent Spa is a unique environment, with a sought-after concept of a wellbeing course distributed through three indoor pools and one outdoor:

  • Evya, a pool with a water temperature of 34°c
  • Egeria with its panoramic views and temperature of 32°c
  • Tyla, the reaction tub with a temperature of 27°c
  • Verny an outdoor pool with views and 36°c water

Hydro-massage jets are in all pools, as well as cervical jets and vascular pathways. The spa’s offering is enriched by three saunas (Finnish, soft and Mediterranean), steam bath, breeze and emotional showers, ice cascade, relaxation room with herbal teas and solarium and three jacuzzis. Highly qualified treatments, from massotherapy to beauty treatments, are the cherry on the cake in an environment that is free from the stresses of everyday life.

Spa treatments in Valle d’Aosta

Like all respected spa facilities, the Saint-Vincent Spa provides thermal inhalation therapies and hydroponic thermal treatments by exploiting the active ingredients of the water that flows here. The waters used for therapies contain minerals belonging to the “bicarbonate-sulphate-alkaline-bromine-iodine-carbon” classification.

The chemical composition of the thermal waters, with fixed residue at 180°C (equivalent to 7.350mg/l) and with a high presence of the HCO3 and SO4 anions, small 300cc/l quantities of bromine, iodine and CO2, allows undisputed therapeutic effectiveness, making it ideal for treating various respiratory and gastrointestinal ailments. Inhalation crenotherapy, recommended for both adults and children, treats chronic inflammatory diseases of the upper and lower airways and with hydronic treatments, Saint-Vincent’s water performs at the gastric and hepatic and intestinal level, a balancing and regulatory action, normalising secretory dysfunctions.

These therapeutic effects have been recognised by the National Health Service, which has an agreement with the Saint-Vincent Spa for both inhalation and hydroponic therapies, which can be accessed via a simple co-operative prescription and for payment of just a ticket or a share of the prescription.

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