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Snowshoeing in Col de Joux

An unmissable snowshoeing journey in Saint-Vincent

A truly beautiful snowshoeing trip in Valle d’Aosta, with a climb of just 152m, lasting 1 hour and 45 minutes beginning from the Partisans’ Chapel (1520 m) and arriving in Col de Joux (1635 m).
Immediately after the Partisans’ Chapel, following a right hairpin, you will find a large car park. You will depart from here with your snowshoes following an easy route through the woodland that covers the gentle slopes of the watershed between the Val d’Ayas and Valle Centrale. Opposite the car park, there is a snowy slope that passes above the small park that surrounds the Partisans’ Chapel.

Once you pass the “no entry” sign, follow a brief practically flat stretch until, after a few minutes, you reach a crossroads: ignore the route to the left and proceed up the gentle incline towards Mount Zerbion. On this section, you can appreciate interesting panoramic views over the central valley and, in particular, the unmistakable silhouette of Monte Emilius.
From here, you slowly enter into the larch forest that gradually gives way to beautiful specimens of spruce until you come to a second junction, less evident that the previous one: ignore the route to the right and continue straight on up the slight incline.

The path proceeds pleasantly beneath the unusual peaks that form the southern ridge surrounding the Zerbion, until you come to route 12: here, head to the right, practically doubling back on yourself. Continue upwards a short distance and then back down until you come to another signpost, turn left here near to a covered tank, and go back up for another short distance. There are gaps in the woodland along the way, among the dense vegetation, which allow you to enjoy interesting views of the central valley.

The path descends a little again as you approach Fromy, a small village situated in a pretty clearing. After starting to climb into the dense spruce once more, where the sunlight creates interesting effects of light and shade, your destination approaches as the ups and downs of the path come to an end; still following the wide, well-beaten track, continue through the forest until coming, first, to a new signpost and, shortly after, the Ru Courtaud water loading basins; from here, head slightly to the right, taking a path that finally heads down to Col de Joux.


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