The Church of Saint Vincent

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The Church of Saint Vincent


The parish church of Saint-Vincent is one of Valle d’Aosta’s most important monuments of sacred art, due to its excellent state of preservation and the presence of many highly valuable historical and cultural relics.

Built in the Romanesque style by the Benedictines in the 11th century, the church was subject to multiple architectures, one placed over another, but also some significant modern restoration (1968 – 1972). It is located on the site of a Roman building, which came to light during a recent restoration, and which dates back to 300-400 A. D.. Inside, there is a great, obvious contrast between the sobriety of the environment and the wealth of decorative paintings in the apse area. The nave is divided into a succession of alternating columns in square, circular and polygonal shapes.

The church originally was not vaulted (these date from 1696) and did not have its current, large windows. The oldest frescoes in the church are those by Iacopo Jacquerio (or his school) in the North apsidioles, dated 1416. Also in the 15th century, Giacomino of Ivrea painted the triumphant arch with a cycle of doctors of the Church, saints and prophets. Decorations were added over these paintings, which were dull and plastered, by Filippo da Varallo towards the end of the 16th century, which are still visible today (partly, thanks to restoration carried out in the Seventies), that once covered the entire presbytery basin. The Christ on the Cross in the presbytery is a bronze work by Luciano Minguzzi. Inside the church, you can visit the museum, whose treasures include pieces of religious art of great rarity and significance (sinopias, frescoes and wooden sculptures).

The museum can be visited during the church’s opening hours, except during religious ceremonies.


From 1 June to 15 September: from 7:30 to 22:00
From 16 September to 31 May: from 7:30 to 21:00


Chiesa di San Vincenzo
Piazza della Chiesa 1
Telefono: 0166.512350

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Saint Vincent

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